Eden Flix Presents 'Will Work For Free'

will work for freeThis Wednesday at 3pm in the Keith Green Building Eden Flix presents another in its series of hard-hitting social environmental documentaries.

Will Work For Free is a non-profit documentary/narrative film from Maveric Media. Written and directed by Sam Vallely. The film explores the emergence of “technological unemployment” and the economic implications of automating jobs in a society which requires the circulation of money through commerce and paid employment.

Eden Flix are a series of highly acclaimed, thought-provoking and inspirational documentaries on issues related to engineering, design and social consciousness sponsored by the Centre for Engineering and Design Education (CEDE) as part of the Engineering and Design Educators Network (EDEN) series of events. Begun in 2012, fifteen films have so far been shown and more are scheduled in future.

All screenings are free for all Loughborough students and staff and are screened in the Keith Green Building. Admission is free, but booking is necessary – to do that, follow this link.