Beware of hoax job offers

Although a job offer might be the news you’ve been desperately waiting for, beware, it might be a scam!  As another recent bbc news article outlines, job seekers are vulnerable to scams.  You could be conned out of money, not be paid for work you’ve done, become a victim of identity theft or be tricked into criminal activities.

Whilst we are able to advise some of the students and graduates we see each year on the perils of hoax job offers, many more may be unwittingly getting scammed. Don’t let that happen to you!

Criminals trawl CV posting sites looking for easy prey so beware of random, unsolicited emails offering you work.  Scammers post bogus job adverts all over the web so be wary about applying to jobs on web  sites where the information is not vetted, like Gumtree for example. So, if you want to upload your CV online make sure you do not include any information that could be used for identity theft, address or DOB etc.

Here are some tips if the job advert/offer:

  • sounds too good to be true? Then it probably is..
  • has an application process of calling a premium number? Be very wary..
  • directs you to other sites, companies or numbers than the ones on the advert? Then it could be a cover up for a bad reputation or a scam..
  • is a scheme where you make money by signing up new members? Avoid..

So, ask questions, do not sign anything before you’re sure and it’s been checked out, do not part with money until you know exactly what you are getting and, during the initial application, do not provide bank or financial information, passport or anything similar.

Remember, you can always ask the Careers and Employability Centre for a second opinion.  If you think you have been the victim of a scam, report it so that the police and/or the Office of Fair Trading can try to prevent it happening to other people.

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