GoThinkBig Birmingham Session 28th March 2014

Are you interested in Music, Fashion, Sport, or Entertainment? Want to know more about jobs and careers within these competitive industries? Then you should DEFINITELY come to a GoThinkBig Session in 2014.

The Sessions are GoThinkBig’s flagship events. We bring the most amazing speakers from fantastic industries to a city near you. Experts from music, fashion, sport and entertainment (Journalism/TV/Film/Radio) will be talking about how they got their first big breaks. Find out who has been announced so far!

The Sessions are coming to a city near you this year – our first event is on 28 March in Birmingham in partnership with Punch Records. You’ll get the opportunity to hear all about different aspects of these four industries, the behind the scenes jobs that you’ve never thought of, and exactly what these jobs involve.As well as this, the experts will take you through exactly how they got into the industry and where they think the future jobs of their industry will be.

At the end of the event you’ll go away with an exclusive insight into these different competitive industries, an understanding of different roles that exist, expert advice, and loads of new ideas

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