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A new integrated model for multitasking during web searching

Multitasking information behaviour has been identified as an essential component for information behaviour process in IR environments and involves the information seeking process (Spink, Cole, and Waller, 2008). Information retrieval has also been explored because through that people are able to represent, store, seek, find, and filter new information.

There are five main personal dimensions, which highlighted by information scientists and psychologists and are involved either in information seeking or retrieving behaviour : the affective (Wang et al., 2000; Nahl, 2005), cognitive (Ford et al., 2005; Palmquist and Kim 2000; Spink, 2010; Baddeley and Hitch, 1974), psychological states (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990; Finneran and Zhang, 2003), personality dimensions (Amichai-Hamburger et. al., 2002; Heinström, 2003),  and sociological factors (Bandura, 1986). However, these factors have not been related to multitasking information behaviour on web in conjunction with cognitive coordination and cognitive shifts.

This study will correlate for first time working memory from cognitive and flow from psychological states category, influenced by the PAT model of Finneran and Zhang (2003), with multitasking information behaviour, cognitive coordination, and cognitive shifts on web. Cognitive coordination and cognitive shifts have been identified as important factors for people’s performance and change of knowledge (Du and Spink, 2011). This research’s aim is to enhance understanding of multitasking information behaviour during web searching and provide a new, more integrated model.

This research contributes to the knowledge of human-computer interaction and interactive information retrieval research, providing new elements to user-web search model. This study will also help web companies to create more effective web products. Knowing how web and its products interact with users and how peoples’ information behaviour and performance on web can be influenced (enhanced or decreased) by personal variables and web characteristics, web companies would create better and more productive web systems.



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