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WauSearch, the latest Internet browser

WauSearch is a new Internet browser developed by Manuel Blázquez Ochando, who is a Professor in the Faculty of Documentation Sciences at Complutense University (Madrid, Spain). WauSearch aims at testing new information management methods as well as the ordering of results. It is the refinement tools and the simplicity of its design that contribute to […]

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Digitisation, libraries and orphan works

“A work or a phonogram shall be considered an orphan work if none of the rightholders in that work or phonogram is identified or, even if one or more of them is identified, none is located despite a diligent search for the rightholder”. This is the definition included in the Directive 2012/28/EU of the European […]


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Europeana: the European cultural heritage platform

All library professionals have heard about Europeana, however, do we really know what this project means? Who is aggregating content and digital objects? Concretely, a Spanish book has been recently published whose aim is to present an overview of the project origins, business model, strategic plan, providers and collections. Europeana, promoted by the European Union, […]

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Project management in Library and Information Science programs: reflection and research

Currently, information professionals have to face to projects such as institutional repositories, exhibitions or social networks everyday. However, are we aware of the importance of taking this type of courses in the LIS curriculum? Definitely, it requires a major reflection due to the fact that user needs are constantly changing and students need to be […]

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