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Current trends in information systems: Cloud, IoTs and big data

In the recent years, the development of information systems andpractices has brought new emergent paradigms to the scene, mainly in intelligent and social informatics. Cloud computing, internet of things (IoTs) and big data are recent trends in this domain and gaining greater attention equally from academics and industrialists. Cloud computing focus on distributed information systems […]

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Documentation, information.., everywhere? Challenges and historical perspectives.

Quite often, information and documentation professionals feel in a difficult position, and their role in the professional landscape is subject of critics and continuous misinterpretations. Optimistic people consider that, as documents, data and information are spread everywhere, the role of information professionals is not subject of discussion, and that most of the organizations should consider […]

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Disillusioned with Big Data technologies? – DON’T PANIC!

Late last month, Gartner announced that Big Data had met the trough of disillusionment. This is the third phase in Gartner’s hype cycle and indicates the moment when everyone pauses for breath and starts to look rather more critically at what Big Data technologies are actually delivering to their business. InformationWeek report that cloud computing and celebrated in-memory databases(such as SAP’s Hana and Oracle’s Big Data […]