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The Impact of Culture on Information Behaviour: A case study of the Polio Eradication Campaigns in Nigeria

The AIM: To investigate the impact of cultural orientation on information behaviour of selected categories of people within some chosen states in Nigeria by focusing on polio eradication campaign in Nigeria. OBJECTIVES: The objectives to be adopted in achieving the aim of this study are as follows: To identify the relationship if any, between particular […]

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Multitasking Information Behavior, Information Task Switching and Anxiety: An Exploratory Study

People engage very often in multitasking behaviours because of the complexity of everyday life and work environments. As life becomes more complex, people engage in multiple actions with multiple roles (Bühneret al., 2006). Multitasking is a frequent human behaviour especially in environments, which are combined by multiple and complex information systems (Pesante et al.2001; Rubinstein […]


A new model for Multitasking Information Behaviour on Web and its contribution

Information behaviour has been an important research area for many years in the field of information science. Multitasking information behaviour can be defined as the, “library search and use behaviours, or database or Web search sessions on multiple information tasks” (Spink, 2004, p. 336). Web seeking has been identified as multitasking information behaviour, which includes […]

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CIM’s research into people’s information behaviour storms ahead

The study of people’s information behaviour, including factors that affect their information behaviour, is proving to be a significant research strand at CIM. CIM’s PhD student Fatmah Almehmadi has had a paper accepted for the well-known Information Seeking in Context (ISIC) September conference. The paper unpicks different types of information sharing. Peggy Alexopoulou has also […]

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