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Current trends in information systems: Cloud, IoTs and big data

In the recent years, the development of information systems andpractices has brought new emergent paradigms to the scene, mainly in intelligent and social informatics. Cloud computing, internet of things (IoTs) and big data are recent trends in this domain and gaining greater attention equally from academics and industrialists. Cloud computing focus on distributed information systems […]

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Making an impact – one researcher’s experience

Back in 2013 LISU was commissioned by UKSG, in collaboration with Jisc, to investigate the impact of Web-scale discovery systems (WDS) on the usage of academic resources in the context of UK higher education information services. The focus of the project was to provide an evaluation of the impact of WDS on content usage, as […]

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Research seminar: User – Perceived Quality Factors for a Certificated Model of Web – based System.

A  research seminar was given to today by : Dr.Jamaiah Yahaya, from the  Faculty of Information Science and Technology, The National University of Malaysia.   Topic: User – Perceived Quality Factors for a Certificated Model of Web – based System.   This was attended by both  CIM Staff and PhD students.   A lively discussion of […]

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Out with the Old and in with the New

This week I have been preparing for a new course I have to teach – research of course goes out of the window at this point! I’ve been doing this on a regular basis since, I don’t know when, but many years. You would think I might just take this in my stride and that […]

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Living in the Digital World

When embarking on the inaugural blog for the newly created Centre for Information Management (launched 1st August 2013), I wanted to reflect on how the digital age plays a pivotal role in our lives as we hurtle along the digital highway. I also wanted to reflect on how it compares to preceding decades and what lessons […]

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