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Project management in Library and Information Science programs: reflection and research

Currently, information professionals have to face to projects such as institutional repositories, exhibitions or social networks everyday. However, are we aware of the importance of taking this type of courses in the LIS curriculum? Definitely, it requires a major reflection due to the fact that user needs are constantly changing and students need to be […]

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The 4th International Conference on Integrated Information (IC-ININFO 2014)

The International Conference on Integrated Information (IC-ININFO 2014) will be held in Madrid, September 5-8, 2014. The IC-ININFO 2014 is the fourth in the series of this annual international event. The IC-ININFO is an initiative of the Department of Library Science and Information Systems of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, and Chair of the […]

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Documentation, information.., everywhere? Challenges and historical perspectives.

Quite often, information and documentation professionals feel in a difficult position, and their role in the professional landscape is subject of critics and continuous misinterpretations. Optimistic people consider that, as documents, data and information are spread everywhere, the role of information professionals is not subject of discussion, and that most of the organizations should consider […]

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Aligning processes in strategic IT projects

In this short blog piece I would like to outline the thinking behind my recent research into aligning processes in strategic IT projects. The logic of alignment is intuitive: Improving the fit between information technology and the aims of the organization yields improved performance. However, alignment consistently ranks as a top challenge for managers. Struck […]

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Out with the Old and in with the New

This week I have been preparing for a new course I have to teach – research of course goes out of the window at this point! I’ve been doing this on a regular basis since, I don’t know when, but many years. You would think I might just take this in my stride and that […]

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