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The rise of the mega-journal

What are mega-journals? First appearing in 2006, a small number of so-called mega-journals are rapidly moving into the mainstream of scholarly communication, and have the potential to fundamentally change the ways in which new research is disseminated. Mega-journals such as PLOS ONE, SAGE Open, and PeerJ, to name but a few, are open access journals […]

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Opening Doors

While thinking about this post I enjoyed a conversation with my adult sons about the nature and use of organisational power. The conversation considered markets and their failures, the impact of dominant actors in those markets and the often distorting effects of regulation. Consideration of natural world eco-systems followed, contemplating how, in the main (and […]

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Freedom on the Net…or filtering by default?

Should internet access in public libraries be filtered? It would seem that, in the UK at least, librarians and users think it should, according to findings from the MAIPLE project. This is a two year project funded by the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The project is investigating the measures being used in […]

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