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Digitisation, libraries and orphan works

“A work or a phonogram shall be considered an orphan work if none of the rightholders in that work or phonogram is identified or, even if one or more of them is identified, none is located despite a diligent search for the rightholder”. This is the definition included in the Directive 2012/28/EU of the European […]


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Multitasking Information Behavior, Information Task Switching and Anxiety: An Exploratory Study

People engage very often in multitasking behaviours because of the complexity of everyday life and work environments. As life becomes more complex, people engage in multiple actions with multiple roles (Bühneret al., 2006). Multitasking is a frequent human behaviour especially in environments, which are combined by multiple and complex information systems (Pesante et al.2001; Rubinstein […]


Project management in Library and Information Science programs: reflection and research

Currently, information professionals have to face to projects such as institutional repositories, exhibitions or social networks everyday. However, are we aware of the importance of taking this type of courses in the LIS curriculum? Definitely, it requires a major reflection due to the fact that user needs are constantly changing and students need to be […]

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Agile practices for enhancing user experience in a library

As a professional  librarian who has been trained in Business Analysis/Project Management,  I have had the opportunity to project manage libraries and executed a change management programme in an hitherto under-utilised learning resource centre. I am very interested in evaluating the library and information services from business analysis perspectives, especially in agile development. Agile is […]

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CIM Honorary Research Fellow interviewed by Brazilian newspaper

Dr Graham Walton, Head of Planning and Research in the Library, had the honour of being interviewed by ‘O Globo’ when he was in Rio de Janeiro this August. ‘O Globo has over 1 million readers and is the major Brazilian national newspaper. Areas covered in the interview were the increase in digital information, the impact on […]

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