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Ten Myths in the BREXIT Debate – by Prof. David Llewellyn

On June 23rd the British electorate will make one of the most momentous decisions to face the UK in several generations: whether or not to formally leave the EU (BREXIT). It will have momentous implications in several areas: the growth potential of the economy; trade relationships and volumes; foreign direct investment in the economy; the […]

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Featured Article: ‘Microtask Crowdsourcing Can Both Empower and Marginalise Workers’

CIM (Visiting) Professor Robert Galliers has recently co-authored an article published in the LSE Business Review. Please find the link to the full article below. ‘Microtask Crowdsourcing Can Both Empower and Marginalise Workers‘

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Two CIM Doctoral Researchers on ALPSP Expert Panel

CIM PhD students Samuel Ibenne and Suzy Muchmore have recently appeared as part of an expert panel of researchers at a seminar hosted by the ALPSP (Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers). Dr Graham Walton (Honorary Research Fellow, CIM) also gave a talk at the seminar. The details can be found at the following […]

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University Challenged: “Another Fine Mess”

Settling down to write a blog for the School, I stumbled across this letter to a Vice-Chancellor and thought I would share it with you instead. I have only tidied it up a bit and remembered the title quote from Laurel and Hardy! Dear Vice-Chancellor, I am being pressed by my parents and school to […]

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Two PhD students at the SBE recognised in Sydney for Best Poster and Best PhD Paper and Presentation

At the recent International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning (ICICKM 2014) in Sydney, two current SBE doctoral students from the Centre for Information Management were awarded prizes for their excellent work on knowledge management. This is the link: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/sbe/news/articles/2014/ghosia-ahmed-and-sylvester-baguma-win-awards.html    

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Making an impact – one researcher’s experience

Back in 2013 LISU was commissioned by UKSG, in collaboration with Jisc, to investigate the impact of Web-scale discovery systems (WDS) on the usage of academic resources in the context of UK higher education information services. The focus of the project was to provide an evaluation of the impact of WDS on content usage, as […]

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