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Multitasking Information Behavior, Information Task Switching and Anxiety: An Exploratory Study

People engage very often in multitasking behaviours because of the complexity of everyday life and work environments. As life becomes more complex, people engage in multiple actions with multiple roles (Bühneret al., 2006). Multitasking is a frequent human behaviour especially in environments, which are combined by multiple and complex information systems (Pesante et al.2001; Rubinstein […]


Europeana: the European cultural heritage platform

All library professionals have heard about Europeana, however, do we really know what this project means? Who is aggregating content and digital objects? Concretely, a Spanish book has been recently published whose aim is to present an overview of the project origins, business model, strategic plan, providers and collections. Europeana, promoted by the European Union, […]

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The Known-Unknown: My PhD Journey  

Imagine the delight and excitement of securing a studentship to undertake a PhD. Imagine the privilege of being considered ‘good enough’ to undertake research and getting the intellectual space to study a chosen subject. Imagine there’s no heaven…. (Oh no, that’s John Lennon!) For me this space materialised earlier this year when I enrolled for […]

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Mobiles Phones and Socio-Economic Development in Rural Areas of Africa

Abstract My doctoral research looks at the ways in which mobile phones generate economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in remote rural areas of the Congo. While mobile phones have been shown to reach various populations across spaces and times, research on mobile phones remains disconnected from the everyday lives of rural populations. Literature accumulated […]

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Two PhD students at the SBE recognised in Sydney for Best Poster and Best PhD Paper and Presentation

At the recent International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning (ICICKM 2014) in Sydney, two current SBE doctoral students from the Centre for Information Management were awarded prizes for their excellent work on knowledge management. This is the link: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/sbe/news/articles/2014/ghosia-ahmed-and-sylvester-baguma-win-awards.html    

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A cross-disciplinary perspective of how research impacts can be planned and maximised

The motivation for this research project titled: A cross-disciplinary perspective of how research impact can be planned and maximised stems from policy changes in recent years in the UK higher education sector with regards to how research is disseminated, evaluated and funded. Firstly, there has been a growing emphasis by research funders for grantees to […]

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International Data and Information Management Conference 2014

The  inaugural International Data and Information Management Conference (IDIMC) took place on 17th September 2014 by the Centre for Information Management at Loughborough University, in collaboration with the British Computer Society Data Management Specialist Group.   The conference brought together researchers, managers and policy makers from academia, industry, government, commerce and the third sector. The overarching […]

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Paediatric physicians’ experience and practice of information literacy for child healthcare provision in Nigeria

Samuel researches into the factors influencing the information literacy experience and practice of paediatric physicians in Nigeria towards the delivery of child health care. His research analyses the existing methods through which the physicians’ acquire information capabilities. It asses the contributions of their personal, social and cognitive learning experiences towards engaging in the type of […]

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Project management in Library and Information Science programs: reflection and research

Currently, information professionals have to face to projects such as institutional repositories, exhibitions or social networks everyday. However, are we aware of the importance of taking this type of courses in the LIS curriculum? Definitely, it requires a major reflection due to the fact that user needs are constantly changing and students need to be […]

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Agile practices for enhancing user experience in a library

As a professional  librarian who has been trained in Business Analysis/Project Management,  I have had the opportunity to project manage libraries and executed a change management programme in an hitherto under-utilised learning resource centre. I am very interested in evaluating the library and information services from business analysis perspectives, especially in agile development. Agile is […]

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