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Loughborough University holds a Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Higher Education Licence which allows members of staff to make digital copies of extracts from published printed documents. These scanned extracts may be distributed to students registered on a particular course of study, by means of Learn, e-mail or lecture slides.

The Licence requires the University to record all scans that are made on campus. Each Department or School has a Designated Person, from whom you should seek permisson to scan documents, and to whom you should report the details of what you have scanned. See the list of Designated Persons.

Scanning and the bureaucracy that goes with it can be time-consuming: if you would like materials to be scanned for a module Reading List, the University Library can do it for you.

The Licence only covers the making of digital copies for distribution to students registered on a particular Course of Study by means of a Secure Network or Secure Authentication.  In order to make a digital copy for any other purpose, you may need to obtain permission from the owner of copyright in the document that you intend to copy.

For more information please contact the University Copyright Advisor:;

01509 222351.

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