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Reflections on the PGR Awards Evening

It’s been a few days since the Inaugural PGR Awards evening, so ably hosted by Jordan and Laura. I’ve never attended an awards evening before – I don’t even watch the Oscars – so although I knew roughly what to expect, I was intrigued how the evening would unfold. Bit like going to Glasto, I guess – you know there’s mud, rain and music involved, but in what measure and what other occurrences might head your way you’re only ever going to find out by going there. Never been; probably unlikely to now. I digress.

In some ways it was a little disappointing – I mean, where were the hissy fits of rejection, the drunken acceptance speeches and the gate crashing bores? Nowhere, thankfully. It was utterly civilised and full of positivity, and taken seriously. By seriously I mean respectfully and humbly, with the understanding that people had gone out of their way to nominate colleagues, mentors, friends and supporters for the way they had impacted on what we love to call the Loughborough Experience.

It was good to see both the VC and DVC there, showing that the event had resonance at the top of the Loughborough tree – indeed Bob gave a cracking perspective of the PhD process, reflecting on the influence a good supervisor can have. I don’t think many who were there will forget it in a hurry.

It was also an opportunity to see that PGRs and those who support them can be as well-dressed as the next bunch when we put our minds to it. Not always scruffy herberts, are we? [insert usual caveats here, please. Ed.]

To sum up – this was an opportunity to celebrate, and make public, some of the really positive things that happen within the PGR community. Maybe I don’t get out often enough but I was really quite proud to have been there and heard about the many things Loughborough colleagues have been up to. Here’s to the next one.

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