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“Sight Sabre” selected as winner at Summer School 2016

At this year’s annual Summer School, CDT students took part in creating ‘embedded intelligence’ related aids for the visually impaired, in partnership with Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) College Loughborough. The panel of judges, comprising of Prof Martin Goosey, Chair of CDT-EI Advisory Board, Chair of ICT and VP of Technology for EIPC, Lynda Parker, Head of Mobility at RNIB College Loughborough, as well as current RNIB college students Lauren and Kieran, selected a Face Recognition application and a Collision Avoidance Cane as the winning prototypes, designed by a team of CDT students over the course of the two day event.

The teams attended presentations from Anna Janickyj of RNIB College Loughborough, demonstrating the challenges the visually impaired must overcome, from George Torrens, Senior Lecturer at Loughborough University’s award winning Design School, as well as from Brian Golland and Martin Grant from REMAP, a national charitable organisation custom making equipment to help disabled people lead more independent lives. Following this, teams had the best part of two days to generate ideas from their team and turn these into final working prototypes to present to the panel, using ideas from the guest speakers as inspiration.

Tobias Reichold was from the winning team: “Anna Janickyj from RNIB College Loughborough, for me, was the best inspiration for the project. She gave us an insight into the daily difficulties a blind person encounters. This was extremely important as we take carrying out daily activities such as walking to university, cooking, shopping for granted . This was the main source for the design choices we made, within the constraints of the available equipment.”

Brian Golland from REMAP Leicestershire, commented: “We were most impressed by the interest shown by the students to our organisation and the work we do. It was very interesting to hear their comments at the end of the presentation and during the discussions we had in their workshops. All the projects they were undertaking were clearly very useful and had the potential of being made as a practical device.”

Lynda Parker, Head of Mobility at RNIB College Loughborough, commented: “Events such as CD-TEI Summer School are a good thing to have for all concerned. The ideas that students came up with to help people with sight loss were very good.”

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