Doctoral College

Introducing George Hones, the LSU Postgraduate Executive Officer!…

With the introduction of a Postgraduate Executive Officer, LSU is hoping to make serious strides in how they can cater for the PG population of Loughborough. George Hones’ new role will ensure the voices and views of our PG population are heard in what the Union offers and advertises to our PG community. LSU is incredibly excited about this appointment, and are looking forward to working with George and the rest of our diverse and exceptional PG cohort here at Loughborough. George has been heavily involved within LSU through his undergraduate and postgraduate courses, serving on several section committees and volunteering over 800 hours with their volunteering section, Action.

Georges PG tips:

“For me, getting involved with the Union really helped compliment my Postgraduate experience here. Being on a small course, I felt like it would have been quite easy to becoming isolated, and too buried within my work. The Union is a really inclusive environment to be a part of with a lot on offer to compliment your studies and develop some new skills. Through the Union I’ve bettered myself as an individual immensely and made some very close friends. It can be daunting at first, but take that first step and test the waters for what you might enjoy that the Union can offer.”

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