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DEN Enterprise Workshop – Being a Part of the Winning Team!

Written by Youssef Hamid, CDT-Embedded Intelligence On the 19th and 20th September the Digital Catapult Centre hosted the Entrepreneurship workshop, organised by the Digital Economy Network. Two PhD students from the CDT-Embedded Intelligence, Orange Gao & Youssef Hamid took part on this experience which was a successful combination of workshops led by Prof. Philip Treleaven, UCL from […]

Innovation Insights for the Digital Workforce of Tomorrow

Written by Dr Carmen Torres-Sánchez, Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering ‘Innovation insights for the digital workforce of tomorrow‘ was the 4-day event organised by the EPSRC CDT in Embedded Intelligence in partnership with the Digital Economy Network and attended by the UK community of practice in Digital Manufacturing, Robotics, Big Data, Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things. A much-provoking Panel […]

Chemists take on the YES Competition

Written by Diana Mehta, Doctoral Researcher, School of Science The Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES) is a competition that encourages postgraduate students to come up with a hypothetical business plan that focuses on one of three research areas: environmental, biomedical or engineering. The idea can be extravagant and broad as you wish, as long as you […]