Doctoral College

Introducing Mohammad Nasereddin – your President!

Written by Mohammad Nasereddin.

Hi there! I’m Mohammad and i’m the new Doctoral Research President (most commonly known as the Postgraduate Research President) for the 2017-18 academic year. I’m a third-year PhD student in the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering at Loughborough University and an international student from Jordan. I’m motivated to increasing the research experience of my fellow research students across both Loughborough University campuses.

Tips: A doctorate programme is a journey into self-restructuring. Through it, the candidate will experience ups and downfalls which will make him/her intellectually stronger. Plus, be knowledgeable of the state of the art in the field of research undertaken. So, it is worthy to remember that it is more of a process than a project.

A Loughborough student is more privileged than other candidates in other institutions by which he/she has better opportunity to be enhanced physically besides intellectually which will make the candidate more competent to strive in either academic or industry realms by having a higher productivity and efficiency rate

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