Doctoral College

Introducing your Doctoral Researcher Vice President…

Written by Hugh Tawell.

Hi Everyone, I’m Hugh Tawell and I’m the new Doctoral Researcher (DR) Vice President. I am a second-year chemistry PhD student in the school of science. My research involves drug design and synthesis to combat sleeping sickness. In my role as Vice president I look forward to working alongside the President to try to improve the doctoral experience and provide support for all researchers across campus.

Tip: My main tip would be to get involved with as much as possible across campus both social and academic. It is important to get involved with a diverse range of activities to make new friends as well as personal development. The Doctoral College provides a range of events such as Café Academique and the Summer Showcase which are excellent opportunities to communicate your research to a diverse audience. This is not only good practice for attending larger external conferences, but it also helps consolidate your understanding of your own topic. In terms of opportunities to socialise the Student’s Union has plenty of societies where you can meet with likeminded people.


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