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Introducing your Doctoral Researcher Vice President (2019-20)…

Written by Rieman Rudra

Hello everyone, my name’s Rieman and I am your Doctoral Researcher Vice President. Alongside Tom (President), I will be working this year to improve your doctoral experience at Loughborough and ensure that your needs and interests are met within the university. I will also be working with Ana (Education Exec at LSU) with regards to these matters to improve our visibility and PhD-related support services.

About Myself:

• I am currently in my second year at the School of Business and Economics. My research focusses on the relationship between credit risk and the macroeconomy.

• I completed my Bachelor’s and Masters from LSE and Cass respectively before venturing on my PhD journey in this beautiful town of Loughborough.

• I am also part of the PhD SSN team (events coordinator) and helped organise social events from Laser quest to Beacon Hill trip, sports activities to cinema nights; I absolutely love this role!

• I am passionate about volunteering and also do volunteering at LSU Action. This year, I am the project leader for Baca charity – so get ready to be involved!

• Also, I love to play sports (badminton, cricket) and board games (chess, cards) during weekends.

All in all, I am looking forward to creating positive and meaningful changes for all doctoral researchers at Loughborough University and Loughborough University London. So, please feel free to grab a coffee or get in touch with me at

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