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Day 1- Lottie Tour Loughborough University ‘Then and Now’

Written by Jennifer Glover.

The Lottie tour is run by the Women’s Engineering Society Young Members Board. The tour is in its fourth year taking place during Tomorrow’s Engineers week 2019 to show how varied and exciting it is to work in engineering. The project is aimed at primary school children using social media to showcase current engineering with the aid of a Lottie doll (a child’s toy) with the hope of breaking down stereotypes and engaging a young audience.

The 2019 theme for the tour is “then and now” celebrating the centenary of the Women’s Engineering Society. Both the tour and an accompanying magazine (aimed at school leavers) capture the change in engineering from the past 40 or so years celebrating the progression of technology and diversity.

My name is Jennifer and I am engineer, my job is to research new ways of making aeroplanes quieter. I work at Loughborough University and this week my friend Lottie is coming with me. Lottie loves science and maths at school, but she doesn’t know what engineers do. Do you know what engineers do?

Engineers design, build, and make things like aeroplanes, bridges, phones, video games and medicine. I wanted to show Lottie what types of things engineers do so I showed her an old magazine I have called Women in Engineering. Lottie said “Engineering looks like fun but this magazine is really old, the pictures are not even in colour. Has engineering changed from way back in the 80’s?”

Engineering has changed a lot since the 80’s and it’s really exiting to be an engineer and there are new things to learn all the time. Lottie suggested that we should make a new magazine finding lots of engineers to explain how much things have changed. This was a great idea so we will be spending this week interviewing lots of engineers.

First Lottie spoke to Susan who wrote the original magazine and she thought it was a great idea to make a new version and helped Lottie with her interview questions. Lottie has written 8 questions that she wanted to ask all of the engineers. Finding out what they do, what they enjoy, how things have changed and any advice they have for Lottie. This is great way of finding out new things and is something you could do at home. Why not write some questions then interview your Mum, Dad or an engineer you know about their job?

Lottie’s first interview is with Naomi who has gone on something called a placement year. This is where you work for a company for a year to learn how to be a working engineer in industry, this is like Caroline from the old magazine who was doing industrial training.

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