Doctoral College

Day 2- Lottie Tour Loughborough University

Written by Jennifer Glover.

Today Lottie is interviewing two more engineers. Ellis an eletrical engineer and Seyi an aeronautical engineer. Lottie is excited to meet Seyi this morning as she wants to know what programming is. Lottie knows programming is important and used for all things that contain computers like mobile phones, cars and tellies. Angela is programming the magazine but there doesn’t seem to be a computer screen in sight. Seyi has spent a year working for software company where she learnt all about programming and she is showing Lottie how you write a script, the instructions for programming on a computer.

Lottie’s second interview is with Ellis who is an electrical engineer, she is currently working in research and development at Siemens. Baljit from the old magazine was an electrical engineer too and she is pictured in an electrical Lab. Ellis took Lottie into a modern electrical Lab which looks really smart.

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