Doctoral College

Day 3 – Lottie Tour Loughborough University

Written by Jennifer Glover.

Today Lottie is interviewing 2 postgraduate engineers, Rodrigo a Chemical engineer and Dimitra an Aerospace engineer. This means they are working towards a doctorate and will become Doctors. Lottie is working to find out the difference between the work of Ruth who was carrying out computer-controlled experiments and Sarah who is designing on pen and paper from the old magazine. She thinks that engineering in these areas would look very different today and use computers more. Rodrigo researches wastewater and he was keen to explain to Lottie how experiments are not just controlled by computers, but today we can carry out experiments only on computers.

Dimitra is researching jet engine design and she is going to show Lottie how we can just use one computer to design all parts of an aircraft engine. Sarah had to use design graphs, a plotter, a drawing, and a computer; 3 separate machines.

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