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Introducing the DR Lead Reps

SDCA – Wenyan Luo Hi everyone. I am Wenyan Luo and I am the lead representative for the school of Design and Creative Arts. This is the first year of my PhD. I am looking forward to working with the DR Reps from SDCA and collaborating with all the Lead Reps to improve the DR […]

Merry Survey Season!

Written by Alex Christiansen Merry half-ways-to-holidays, everyone! It’s finally time for an update! We have been generally quiet on here and on the blog for a while now, but a bunch of things have been going on in the background. We have quite a bit to go through, so without further ado Teaching Opportunities In […]

Your New DR Presidential Team

Hi, everybody! Another year dawns, and with it a new presidential team is taking over the recurring presidential team blog. I want to begin as one should begin all important and timely endeavours, by apologising for being late. We originally wanted to introduce ourselves much earlier but as tends to happen in academia, things took […]

Final DR President Update

Written by Nathan Ritchie As I approach the end of my tenure as Doctoral Researcher President, I want to write my final blog for Doctoral College and reflect on the past academic year and say some words of thanks. Being a representative, an active one that is, is full of peaks and pits, but I […]

Presidential Team blog: March Update

Written by Nathan Ritchie and Callie Merrick Hi there! It’s been a while! I am excited to write this blog to tell you all about our activities the last couple of months. This blog will be highlight some key developments from the past few months and get you up to date with some of our […]

Equal Finances and Support for Doctoral Researchers

Dear all, It is important that everyone feels informed about the University’s response to research disruption following the COVID-19 lockdown, and the ongoing tumultuous return to a new normal. Your Presidential Team & Representatives have taken on your concerns and are working together with the Doctoral College to ensure information is as clear and straightforward […]

Doctoral Researcher President Team’s Post (August 2019)

This blog post is part of a series of monthly posts detailing the activities of the DR President’s Team (President: Leah Henrickson; Vice-President: Hugh Tawell). Note: This post refers to PhD/EngD Students as Doctoral Researchers (DR) and Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs). This is because the University uses the former language, and the Union uses the latter. It’s […]