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Why doctoral researchers are important!

Written by Dr Katryna Kalawsky It should come to no surprise to those that know me, even just fractionally, that I think KNOW doctoral researchers are awesome and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to work with and support such inspiring people – not just in my Doctoral College role but also as a […]

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Is undertaking a doctorate beneficial?

Written by Dr Katryna Kalawsky “Is undertaking a doctorate beneficial?” – that’s a question I occasionally asked myself before and sometimes during my doctorate and it’s often a question i’m asked during postgraduate open evenings or when i’m chatting with a doctoral researcher experiencing the ‘2nd year blues’… Being honest, when I experienced my research […]

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Revisiting the Doctoral College’s Wellbeing Twitter Chat

Written by Dr Katryna Kalawsky Today (May 18th 2020) is the start of Mental Health Awareness Week; a national campaign hosted by the Mental Health Foundation. This year’s theme is ‘Kindness’; something that’s always important, but perhaps more so during the current circumstances . To mark and promote Mental Health Awarness Week, we thought it […]

The Twitter Chat had several aims that related to the Doctoral College’s 3 V strategy (value, vitality and visibility):

  • To highlight the importance of doctoral researchers to Loughborough and beyond
  • To raise awareness of (and normalise – i.e. ‘it’s not just me’) common challenges faced by researchers during their doctorate
  • To raise awareness of internal and external support available to doctoral researchers at Loughborough

Ultimately and importantly, the Twitter Chat had a positive focus. That is, it focused on providing advice to enable our researchers to thrive during the doctoral journey and not survive!

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, responses to each question will be shared via separate blog posts. To follow the actual conversation on Twitter, search #LboroDRWellbeing (the Twitter Chat took place on 5th March 2020).

Please feel free to share your thoughts and advice to our doctoral researchers via the blog comments box or via Twitter. After all, one of the many aspects of ‘kindness’ is about taking time out for others.

  • Dr Manuel Alonso – Associate Chief Operating Officer // Director of Student Services
  • Dr Ash Casey – Senior Lecturer in Pedagogy (School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences)
  • Dr Ksenia Chmutina – Senior Lecturer in Sustainable and Resilient Urbanism (School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering)
  • Dr Janine Coates – Lecturer in Qualitative Research Methods (School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences)
  • Dr Sophie Crouchman – Senior Planning Officer (Planning Office)
  • Dr John Harrison – Reader in Geography (School of Social Sciences and Humanities)
  • Dr Katryna Kalawsky – Doctoral Researcher Development Officer (Loughborough Doctoral College and Centre of Academic Practice)
  • Professor Elizabeth Peel – Professor of Communication and Social Interaction (School of Social Sciences and Humanities) // Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Loughborough Doctoral College)
  • Dr Ksenija Kuzmina – Lecturer Institute for Design Innovation (Loughborough University London)


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Doctoral Wellbeing Week Reflections

Written by Ursula Davis – Doctoral Researcher March 2nd – 5th 2020, saw the first (of many more, hopefully!) Doctoral Researcher Wellbeing Weeks. Organised by the Doctoral College, the purpose of this week was to not only promote doctoral wellbeing but to also deliver pragmatic sessions on how we could all elevate our wellbeing. A […]

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Viva online? No problem!

Foreword from Dr Katryna Kalawsky With the change in working practices at the moment, many of our doctoral researchers are facing the prospect of conducting their viva examinations online; something that might be hard to imagine especially after spending time over the last few years envisaging what your face-to-face viva will be like! But it […]

Creating an A* Life

Written by Dr Andy Cope from the Art of Brilliance Most people get stuck in what I call a C+ life. In school report terms, you ‘could do better’ and, for many, life can become a bit mundane. Too many people settle for C+ in the hope that A* will happen at the weekend or […]


Recipe provided by Fran Baldwin – Loughborough Sport Performance Nutrition Team 1 serving / £0.28 per serving / 5 minutes prep time Nutritional information per serving: 401 Kcal 69g Carbohydrate 16.5g Protein 9.2g Fat Ingredients: 50g porridge oats 300ml semi skimmed milk 20g sultanas 1 teaspoon honey Optional: Add additional fruit Directions: Add porridge oats and […]

Chicken and Bacon Risotto

Recipe provided by Fran Baldwin – Loughborough Sport Performance Nutrition Team 2 servings / £2.70 per serving / 40 minutes Nutritional information per serving: 720 Kcal 94g Carbohydrate 59g Protein 12g Fat Ingredients: 1 Tbsp oil 1 x Onion 2 x Garlic Cloves 1 x Leek 2 x Chicken Breast 4 x Bacon Rashers 200g Arborio […]


Recipe provided by Fran Baldwin – Loughborough Sport Performance Nutrition Team 2 servings / £1.15 per serving / 40 minutes Nutritional information per serving: 328 Kcal 12.9g Carbohydrate 24.7g Protein 19.5g Fat Ingredients: 6 eggs 4 asparagus spears 1 small sweet potato 4 cherry tomates, chopped in half Splash of milk Pinch of black pepper to […]

Muesli Bites

Recipe“This tasty recipe was developed by Dr Hazel Wallace (@thefoodmedic).” provided by Fran Baldwin – Loughborough Sport Performance Nutrition Team 10 servings / 20p per serving / 20 minutes cook time Nutritional information per cookie: 179 Kcal 31g Carbohydrate 4g Protein 4g Fat Ingredients: 100g Oats 180g Oat Flour (Blitz Oats in Food Processor) 175g […]