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Safe Journey to the Transportation Research Board

Written by Nicolette Formosa – Doctoral Researcher The world is on the move, and so is a team of researchers from Loughborough University. Our transportation networks connects us to one another, not only physically, but also through initiatives to improve the transport experience. One such initiative is the Transportation Research Board (TRB), a program which […]

Consultation Results on the idea of ‘Sustainable Theses’

Written by Prof Elizabeth Peel (APVC Doctoral College) The Doctoral College Strategy talks about the 3 Vs – Vitality, Visibility and Value. In line with valuing everyone involved with our doctoral research students we ran a short consultative survey November to December 2019 to gauge opinion about potentially moving towards electronic thesis submission at the University. […]

LSU Advice is here to help

Written by Catherine Messinger. Whilst of course we hope that your journey as a researcher goes smoothly, we understand that the road to getting a PhD is made up of its own unique challenges. Our team of advisors are here to provide specialist support during any confusing periods. Our advisors are available via email or […]

Day 5 – Lottie Tour Loughborough University

Written by Jennifer Glover. Today is the final day of Lottie’s adventure and she wants to do something new to add to the magazine. Lottie saw a brand new hall for students called Claudia Parsons. Lottie found out that it is 100 years since women were first allowed to study engineering at Loughborough University. Lottie […]

Day 4 – Lottie Tour Loughborough University

Written by Jennifer Glover. Today Lottie is looking at two new and really cool engineering activities, 3D printing and plastic material testing. Tami is a product design engineer and she was really excited to show Lottie how creative engineering is, comparing her work to Alison. Then Tom showed Lottie materials engineering, a degree that wasn’t […]

Day 3 – Lottie Tour Loughborough University

Written by Jennifer Glover. Today Lottie is interviewing 2 postgraduate engineers, Rodrigo a Chemical engineer and Dimitra an Aerospace engineer. This means they are working towards a doctorate and will become Doctors. Lottie is working to find out the difference between the work of Ruth who was carrying out computer-controlled experiments and Sarah who is […]

Day 2- Lottie Tour Loughborough University

Written by Jennifer Glover. Today Lottie is interviewing two more engineers. Ellis an eletrical engineer and Seyi an aeronautical engineer. Lottie is excited to meet Seyi this morning as she wants to know what programming is. Lottie knows programming is important and used for all things that contain computers like mobile phones, cars and tellies. […]

Day 1- Lottie Tour Loughborough University ‘Then and Now’

Written by Jennifer Glover. The Lottie tour is run by the Women’s Engineering Society Young Members Board. The tour is in its fourth year taking place during Tomorrow’s Engineers week 2019 to show how varied and exciting it is to work in engineering. The project is aimed at primary school children using social media to […]

Tomorrow Engineering 2019 Lottie Tour

Written by Jennifer Glover. Next week the Doctoral College’s blog will have a slight break from tradition by featuring a STEM outreach project written by Doctoral Researcher Jennifer Glover (Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering). The Lottie tour is an annual social media campaign during Tomorrows Engineers week to promote engineering to primary school age children. The campaign follows the adventures […]

Introducing your Doctoral Researcher Vice President (2019-20)…

Written by Rieman Rudra Hello everyone, my name’s Rieman and I am your Doctoral Researcher Vice President. Alongside Tom (President), I will be working this year to improve your doctoral experience at Loughborough and ensure that your needs and interests are met within the university. I will also be working with Ana (Education Exec at […]