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Introducing your LSU Doctoral Researcher Co-Presidents (2020-21)

Written by Callie Merrick and Nathan Ritchie Callie Merrick: Hello! I am Callie Merrick and I am one half of the LSU Doctoral Researcher Presidents Team for the coming academic year. Myself and Nathan Ritchie will be leading and representing the doctoral community, with almost fifteen years of experience between us. We hope to be […]

Equal Finances and Support for Doctoral Researchers

Dear all, It is important that everyone feels informed about the University’s response to research disruption following the COVID-19 lockdown, and the ongoing tumultuous return to a new normal. Your Presidential Team & Representatives have taken on your concerns and are working together with the Doctoral College to ensure information is as clear and straightforward […]

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Doctoral placements are a thing!

Written by Naomi Howard – Doctoral Researcher (School of Science – Chemistry) It may come as a surprise to some that doctoral researchers can go on industrial placements. It certainly wasn’t something I was aware of. In this blog post, I talk about my career journey to date, how the placement I undertook from January […]

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Understanding and Responding to our Doctoral Researchers during the Pandemic

The current pandemic has had an impact across the University community, not least doctoral researchers, and the Doctoral College has been proactive in taking steps to support the wellbeing and ease financial and other concerns of many of our doctoral researchers. We recognise that no two doctoral programmes are the same, and no two postgraduate […]

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Doctoral President Team Update

Written by the Doctoral President Team, Tom Baker (President) and Rieman Rudra (Vice-President) A short update regarding the Presidential Team, PhD Awards, Communication with Senior Management, and our Surveys and Open Letters. Presidential Team Applications Hopefully you have seen the email from Ana-Maria, our LSU Education Executive Officer, that applications are open for the new […]

My part-time PhD experience

Written by Dr Han Newman I’m sure we are all very aware of the potentially all-consuming nature of a PhD. Even when we’re not directly working on it, it tends to be on our minds. Perhaps we’re thinking through decisions that need to be made regarding methodology, ethics, or data analysis. Or perhaps we’re thinking […]

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Wellbeing support for doctoral researchers

Written by Dr Katryna Kalawsky If you are experiencing difficulties at the moment (for whatever reason) please don’t face them alone. Help is never far away and there is absolutely no shame in reaching out to others for support and guidance – in fact, it shows courage. Sometimes we all need a little helping hand […]

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Motivational messages for doctoral researchers!

Written by Dr Katryna Kalawsky Looking for a motivational boost? Then look no further! Below are several encouraging, take home messages written specifically for doctoral researchers by staff at Loughborouh University with doctorates! “You’re stronger than you think. What you’re doing is really, really hard – never forget that. Get as much help from those […]

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Taking time out during your doctorate

Written by Dr Katryna Kalawsky I’ve never been that savvy when it comes to fixing appliances. Usually, if something I own isn’t working properly, i’ll often resort to turning it off and on again and most of the time it does the trick. It’s the same with my brain. If i’m finding that i’m not […]