labs now shutting down during the day

As term has now ended, all Windows 7 Service lab computers (including Multi-Boot iMac Labs) have now been set to shut down when not in use for 30 minutes during the daytime. This is the same policy that was previously applied outside of working hours. 

The computers will continue to wake at 03:00 for software updates, but will no longer wake at 08:00. 

The policy change will take approximately a day to be picked up by all computers.

IE9 and Symantec are now advertised to the SCCM ImageBuild Collection

If you are building a custome image from the 2013 core image then you do not need to follow this process as IE9 and Symantec are alreadly installed.

IE9 and Symantec are now advertised to the SCCM ImageBuild collection as an optional applications.

IE9 and Symantec need to be installed before you run the capture task sequence.

This process will be required if you ar building custom images from last year (using a 2012 Image). You MUST have Symantec and  IE9 installed before you carry out the capture process otherwise the capture Task Sequence will fail.

New Windows 7 Core Image

The new Windows 7 Service core build for the 2013-14 academic year, which was previously a Beta release, will go live at 4.30PM today.

The latest Labs Task Sequence template will also be made available at that time. This will replace the existing “Windows 7 Service LIVE” Task Sequence and Task Sequence template. The Beta versions will be withdrawn.

This latest release includes minor fixes highlighted in the Beta, and all security updates up to and including June 2013.

The updated documentation will also be made available at the end of today.

INFO: Application Virtualisation Templates (VCenter2)

The Windows 7 virtual machine templates (sequencer and standalone test client) used for creating virtual applications for Microsoft App-V  have been updated with the following: 

  • IE8 upgraded to IE9
  • Visual C++ Redistributable 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 (x64 and x86) installed/upgraded to latest versions
  • Adobe Reader installed
  • 7-Zip installed
  • Latest security updates installed 

The Visual C++ Redistributables are pre-requisites for an increasing number of virtualised applications. These and IE9 will be released to the Windows 7 and VDI Services in the Summer. 

Kind Regards, 

IT Services

SCCM Issues Resolved – Update

The SCCM outage was resolved last week.  The resolution was masked by the central certification revocation list not being used on the clients therefore leaving a broken certificate and causing SCCM clients to fail.

The certificate revocation list issue is ongoing and is being dealt with by our Server Infrastructure Team. 

A workaround has been put in place to remove the offending certificate from clients via a group policy startup script. 

If you find any machine not receiving applications or software updates please check the computers personal certificate store and delete the ConfigMgr client v2 certificate, as per the previous instructions, if it still exists along with any other troubleshooting.

Kind Regards,

IT Services