Labs Power Policy for Christmas Break

For the duration of the Christmas break, the Windows 7 Service Lab computers have been set to shutdown when not in use for 30 minutes at all times. The 8AM WoL has also been removed for this period.

The labs will revert to remaining on during the day once term recommences.

This change does not affect labs that have been excluded from the default power policy at their manager’s request. These will continue to shutdown/not shutdown as previously requested.

SCCM Service Update

The SCCM site reset and the reinstallation of roles on SCCM-Distro5 has now been completed.

SCCM will continue to remain at risk while we monitor the effect of the changes.

Please may we ask that you carry on using the SCCM service as normal.

We will return the service to normal once we are happy that you can use the service in earnest.

We still have a problem case open with our Microsoft partners so we can still liaise with them should you identify any further problems.

Please let us know if you encounter any problems.

Thank you for your patience.