Java 6 added to MBiL Mac OS core

It has been discovered that several specialist applications, such as SPSS, Maple and the Adobe Creative Suite, require Java 6 in order to run. ITS have therefore packaged this and added it to the MBiL Mac OS core build.

If you have already imaged your Mac, you will need to image it again to get Java 6 installed. If you have already created a Smart Configuration for your lab, you don’t need to alter this as it will automatically use the updated core Configuration.

Java 7 remains in the core and is used by Safari for displaying Java web content.

Casper/MBiL 2014 Troubleshooting Documentation now available

Troubleshooting documentation for the 2014 MBiL Service and the Casper Suite has been added to the Service Now Knowledge Base.

KB0010931 contains general information for troubleshooting the MBiL Service or Casper.

KB0010945 contains information for troubleshooting application packaging problems with Casper.

Several other articles have been created for specific issues that may be encountered. Should you encounter a problem that needs troubleshooting, please search the Knowledge Base for any related articles before submitting a call to the Service Desk.

Setting BIOS/EFI Firmware Passwords on Lab Computers

IT Services strongly recommends that all lab computers have a BIOS (PC) or EFI firmware (Mac) password set. Without this, ordinary users can boot the computers from external drives and re-image or modify the computers.

Windows PCs must have their BIOS passwords set individually. The exact location of these settings within the BIOS varies depending on the make and model of the PC.

For Macs, Casper can apply the EFI firmware password to all Macs automatically. See Service Now Knowledge Base article KB0010947 for how to configure this for your labs.

MBiL Mac OS Packaging KB Articles Now Available

The following Service Now Knowledge Base articles have been created for packaging applications for the Multi-Boot iMac Lab Mac OS:

  • KB0010927 – Packaging apps for MBiL Mac OS with Composer and adding to a Lab Build.
  • KB0010922 – Files/directories to exclude when packaging Mac apps with Composer
  • KB0010923 – MBiL OSX 10.9 QA sheet 2014-15

Remember to check the Knowledge Base regularly for new and updated documentation.

Multi-Boot iMac Lab 2014-15 Core Released

2014-15 Mac OS and MBiL Core

IT Services are pleased to announce the release of the final Core build of the Multi-Boot iMac Lab (MBiL) Service for the academic year 2014-15.

How can I get it?

Instructions for installing the Multi-Boot iMac Lab Service are linked via the Service Now Knowledge Base article KB0010926

Customising the Mac OS Build

Documentation to supplement the training provided for customising the Mac OS build, including packaging specialist applications for your lab, is currently being transferred to the Service Now Knowledge Base. Please check the Knowledge Base and this blog for updates on available documentation.

Can I get more information and help?

Please contact the IT Service Desk:<>, 01509 222333.