Updated SCCM Task Sequence Media image

Please update Task Sequence Media USBs/CDs

What is happening?

An unscheduled update to the SCCM Task Sequence Media has been necessary. As a result, the latest Task Sequence Media is now TS_Media_x64_Apr14v2.

How will the works affect me?

Since last week, you may have noticed PCs downloading the WinPE boot image at the start of Task Sequence execution. To avoid this unnecessary delay and to minimise server load, please update your Task Sequence Media USB sticks or CDs to the latest version, available from \ws2.lboro.ac.ukDesktopResourceWindowsW7commonTaskSequenceMedia.

Please note that for MBiL Service iMacs this is mandatory as Macs cannot download the WinPE boot image during the Task Sequence.

Note that the wallpaper on the boot image still reads April 2014, and no further functionality has been added.


The new image is available immediately.

Further information

Please contact the IT Service Desk: it.services@lboro.ac.uk<mailto:it.services@lboro.ac.uk>, 01509 222333.