Task Sequence failures with “The system cannot find the file specified” in the logs – UPDATE

UPDATE @ 16:30 02/09/2014

We believe the issue is caused by the Verismic Power Manager client shutting down PCs at an earlier than anticipated stage. This is due to the improved efficiency of the new Power Manager client and the occasional prolonged application download times when the servers are experiencing peak traffic.

We have added additional exceptions to the Verismic system so that clients will not shutdown whilst a Task Sequence is executing. This should resolve this issue. Please re-attempt to image any affected PCs.

Once we have confirmation that this has resolved the issue, we will provide an update via e-mail and this blog.

Original post:

We have received numerous reports of the following:

  • Task Sequences seeming to ‘freeze’ indefinitely in the latter stages
  • Task Sequences seeming to complete but the INSTALL_FAILED icon remaining on the desktop, and some core applications, Symantec etc. are missing

In these cases, the smsts.log file shows that during the download of an application the task sequence seems to stop abruptly, with a later message of “The system cannot find the file specified” recorded.

The cause of this problem is currently being investigated, and we will keep you informed of progress.