Task Sequence failures due to PCs shutting down – resolved

Service Now Problem record PRB0040340

(Issue previously defined as ‘Task Sequence failures with “The system cannot find the file specified”)

The following issue affecting W7 Lab deployments has been resolved:


We received several reports of Task Sequences failing abruptly with the following symptoms:

  • INSTALL_FAILED icon on the desktop
  • Some core applications (such as Symantec and browser plugins) not installed.
  • In the smsts.log file, file downloads can be seen to stop for no apparent reason, followed by a “The system cannot find the file specified” message.

Identified cause

The new Verismic Power Manager client are was found to be shutting PCs down whilst the Task Sequence was still in progress. The reasons for this are:

  • Task Sequences and other SCCM activity were not being correctly identified as processes that should prevent shutdown from occurring.
  • Following an upgrade to the Verismic system, the new client detects power policies more efficiently than the previous version.
  • High SCCM server load at peak times can extend file download duration, causing the Verismic client to believe the PC is ‘inactive’.


The issue has now been resolved by correcting the Verismic system’s monitoring of SCCM activity on the client PCs. We have also added additional exclusions to prevent the Verismic client taking action whilst a Task Sequence is in progress.

We apologise for any inconvenience this issue has caused.