Staff Image Change – Current SCCM Slowness

The staff image has been taking a long time to finish, putting extra load on the servers.  As a result of often finishing after 1am there are duplicate records in SCCM and no applications will install while a duplicate record exists.  We are checking this frequently and can resolve them by removing the duplicates in the morning.

In order to speed up the imaging we are changing the staff image to use multicast at the end of today. This will not affect running task sequences. You will notice a 5 minute countdown when the image is downloaded via multicast from now on.

The current slow image and application deployment issue on the SCCM servers is ongoing, however, the above change should help while IT staff are imaging batches of staff machines.

Also, the staff image has been reported to freeze at the software updates section which means there are too many updates to go on.  We are therefore rolling out an updated staff image with some of these updates installed on Friday 18th September 08:00 – 8:30  – this will also speed up the staff image task sequence deployment.

Please do not use the Windows 7 Service 2014-15 LIVE task sequence or the task sequence template at this time.