Lanschool – End of Support

ITS will no longer deploy and support the LanSchool Software. It is being replaced with Impero.

There was a bug with our version of Lanschool and this year’s IE11 build which meant we would have to pay and upgrade to the latest version of LanSchool to resolve the issue.

It has been decided to just use Impero as its a better product and means ITS are only supporting one classroom management tool.

The DMS Team are currently uninstalling Lanschool and rolling out Impero to:

ITS Lab – YY09
ITS Lab – YY09A
ITS Lab – U007
ITS Lab – PilkLab-CAD
3rd Party Lab – MMLAb
3rd Party Lab – S163
3rd Party Lab – RT026
3rd Party Lab – N002

Extra Licensing capacity has been purchased for the above Labs so they can run this software.

For more information on Impero go to: