Verismic Power Manager issues

We have identified issues with Windows 7 Service lab PCs not waking up or shutting down correctly recently. This has been caused by two separate issues:

Issue 1: PCs not waking up

This has been identified as a server conflict with Symantec Endpoint Protection. This issue has now been resolved and an exception added to Symantec to prevent a recurrence. WoL should now be working normally.

Issue 2: PCs not shutting down/rebooting automatically

Verismic clients appear to be incorrectly identifying that a software installation is taking place and therefore not shutting down when the PC is not in use. This issue appears to be affecting a large number of Windows 7 Service lab PCs. Verismic support have identified this as a bug in the client and we are continuing to press them for a fix as soon as possible.

As an aside, we will be reverting all labs to their term-time power policies this Friday afternoon (26th Sept) as per usual.

If you require any further information regarding this, please contact the IT Service Desk.