Verismic Power Management issues – unscheduled server and client upgrade required

Resolution to lab PCs not shutting down

What is happening

An upgrade is required to the Verismic Power Manager server and clients on lab PCs. This is in order to resolve several issues, most notably PCs not shutting down when inactive.

This issue has prevented PCs from shutting down or rebooting when scheduled to do so. As a result, in some labs software has not installed as a previous update required a reboot. This is in addition to the financial and environmental impact of such an issue.

We therefore wish to resolve this issue in time for the start of term.

How will the works affect me?

No work is required on your part, and the risk of impact of the server or client upgrade is minimal.

Once the clients have upgraded, lab PCs should shut down as per their power policy. From tomorrow, this will be set to the term-time policy (PCs only shutdown on a schedule outside of teaching hours) unless a lab has been given another power policy by request.


On Friday morning (26th) we will backup and upgrade the server. Following appropriate testing, we will then allow Verismic to update lab clients from Friday afternoon onwards via the standard Verismic client update mechanism. These updates are completely silent and do not impact users.

We will closely monitor the system during the next week to assess the success of this update in fixing these issues.

Further information

Please contact the IT Service Desk:<>, 01509 222333.