Verismic issues update 26/9/14

Latest on the Verismic Power Manager issues affecting Windows 7 Labs:

Policy change for term time

All labs (bar those that were opted out) are now on the term-time policy, meaning they will not shut down automatically during teaching ours regardless of the ongoing issues described below.

Shutdown issues

The server upgrade has not completely resolved the client shutdown issues. However, we have implemented a workaround that will allow clients to shut down in most cases. The exceptions will be when an application installation has not closed down all instances of processes such as msiexec or wscript (this is rare but can happen). We are continuing to press Verismic for a proper fix to this.

Wake-on-LAN issues

Unfortunately the server upgrade has introduced an issue with Wake-on-LAN. WoL magic packets are no longer being successfully sent to 802.1x networks, but are being sent to non-802.1x networks.

We are working with Verismic to find a solution to this.

Client upgrades

Until a suitable resolution to the WoL issue can be found we will not upgrade the clients to match the new server version so as to avoid the need for a client roll-back. The shutdown workaround described above does not require the clients to be on the new version to take effect.

Once we are happy that the server is working correctly again, we will deploy the new client silently to all labs, either via SCCM or Verismic’s own mechanism.


If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please contact the IT Service Desk via