Software Request Process – update


You’ll need to login to the system using your -admin account. Apologies for not clarifying this in the earlier communication. All School IT staff -admin accounts should have access, but please let us know if you don’t.

New Features

The next feature to be added shortly will be the ability to see requests you have previously submitted, and that have been submitted on behalf of anyone in your School.

This will later be followed by a room(s) request form, packaging status of requests and more detailed reports. Please check back regularly for updates on these developments.

Certificates Renewed and Task Sequence Media Updated.

The SCCM 2007 OS deployment and web server certificates have been renewed. The SCCM Task Sequence Media has been updated. As a result, the latest Task Sequence Media is now TS_Media_x64_Mar15.

Your task sequence media will stop working tonight and you will need to update your USB sticks or CDs to the latest version. This is available from \\\DesktopResource\Windows\W7\common\TaskSequenceMedia.

Note that the wallpaper on the boot image now reads Boot media created “10th March 2015”, and some Viglen network drivers have been added.

To recreate the Task Sequence Media, follow the instructions \\\DesktopResource\Windows\W7\common\Procedures\Installing Windows 7 Service V2-1.docx

As the boot image package has changed there will be a different boot image in custom task sequences which leads to an extra download and reboot at the beginning. We have updated any custom task sequences we are aware of being used in Mac labs to prevent this breaking the Mac imaging process. We have updated the LIVE task sequence and the template and all other task sequences will continue to work.

If you want to update your custom task sequence to speed it up then:

Right click your task sequence and go to properties
Select the advanced tab
At “Use a boot image” select browse
Select x64\SCCMSP2x64_Mar15 US en-US and OK
Click Ok to close the task sequence properties.

The April 2014 Task sequence media will stop working tonight. The new boot media image is now available.
Please contact the IT Service Desk: , 01509 222333.

Software Request process

The new 2015/2016 software request page is due to be released this evening to School IT and PC Tech staff

The process has been designed to be as simple as possible and the list generated will be used by the packaging team to provide software to the Labs 2015 project.

The website will be accepting input until 29th May 2015