Live Task Sequence and Media Change

The Live Task Sequence and Media need to be updated to accommodate the new models which will shortly be available to us from Viglen.

While this update is being carried out the Live Task Sequence should not be used. You will need to update any Task Sequence Media you use to image the new models.

The image change will take place on Friday 1st May 2015 between 8:30am and 9am.

Please contact the IT Service Desk on

Software Requests for Academic Year 2015/16 Reminder

You now have just over a month to request software that your school requires to be installed in IT labs for the next academic year. This includes both ITS labs and School IT labs.

Software packaging is being handled by a team drawn from both ITS and Schools IT. This should avoid duplication of effort that has occurred in previous years. Deadline for Software Requests is the end of Friday 29th May 2015

The URL of the software request website is

Casper Suite Maintenance – COMPLETE

The upgrade of the Casper Suite and routine update of the casper-dbase server are now complete. You can now use Casper for managing and re-imaging Macs again.

The clients on the Macs will automatically silently update themselves when they next check in, if they haven’t already.

MAINTENANCE: Casper Suite unavailable – Friday 17th April

Upgrade to Casper Suite v9.7

What is happening

IT Services need to upgrade our current version of the Casper Suite to the latest version. The upgrade includes new features for use in managing supported Macs as well as bug and security fixes.

We will also be taking this opportunity to update the Casper server with the latest security updates.

How will the works affect me?

The Casper Suite will be unavailable while the upgrade and testing are carried out. It will therefore not be possible to image the Mac OS or use the Self Service app on Macs using the Casper Suite. There may also be brief periods (<2 minutes) where users logging into the Mac OS may not get their personal workspace mapped automatically whilst the Casper server reboots.

The Windows 7 Service partition of MBiL computers will be unaffected by this maintenance.

If the timing of this work causes a significant issue for your planned work, please inform us ASAP.


The Casper Suite and server will be unavailable from 09:00 on Friday 17th April. We anticipate the work to be completed by the end of the working day.

Further information

Please contact the IT Service Desk on