Release of Windows 7 Service 2015 Core Build

IT Services are pleased to announce the release of the Windows 7 Core Build for the 2015/16 academic year. The updated core includes the following software versions:

  • 7-Zip (9.38)
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro (11×1)
  • Adobe Air (
  • Flash Player Plugin and ActiveX (
  • Apple QuickTime (7.7.6)
  • Google Chrome (42.0.2311.90)
  • MDL Chime Pro for IE (2.6 SP8)
  • Mendelay (1.13.8)
  • Microsoft .NET (4.5.2)
  • Microsoft CMTrace (5.0.7958.1000)
  • Microsoft Trace32 (2.50.3025.1000)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (11)
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus (2010 SP2)
  • Microsoft PowerShell (3)
  • Microsoft Project Professional (2010 SP2)
  • Microsoft Silverlight (5)
  • Microsoft Visio Premium (2010 SP2)
  • Microsoft WM Framework (4)
  • Mindjet MindManager (15)
  • MS Patches and Updates (Upto June 2015)
  • Refworks Write-N-Cite (3)
  • Sun Java Client (V7 Update 55)***
  • Microsoft Visio Compatibility Pack (15.0.4454.1509)

***Labs Machines will get upgraded to Java 8 Update 45 via the new 2015/16 Task Sequence***

The EUC team will be implementing this change between 8AM-9AM tomorrow morning (01/07/2015). Please do not image any machines during this time. The SCCM system will be available for imaging once this change has been implemented. The work is scheduled for completion by 9AM.


Wednesday 01/07/2015 8AM – 9AM

Can I get more information and help:

Contact the IT Service Desk via or on extension 222333.

Software Requests – Lab Allocation Stage!

Hi all,

We are now at the lab allocation stage of the software requests process. Please can you let us know via the software request web page which labs you require the software you previously requested. You can select both ITS labs or your own School Labs.

We are expecting data from the Timetabling Team early next week. Teaching requirements should be catered for once we have received this information, but it would do no harm to request software for rooms where you know it will be required for teaching and then we also need to know where else students need the software.

The procedure is quite straightforward:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the button labelled as “Request software location”
  3. Select the Operating System required
  4. Select the application from the drop down list
  5. A list of labs where the application has already been requested will appear
  6. Select “Request lab(s) for this app”
  7. A table of labs will appear
  8. Click on the tick box next to the labs where the software is required
  9. Click on Submit
  10. An acknowledgement dialog will appear

Please complete this task as soon as you can, especially if you require manual installations in ITS labs.

Thanks for your assistance.

MBiL Service 2015 Beta Build – released!

Release of MBiL Service 2015 Beta Build

The Yosemite image is now available.

What you need to do

Put in a case to requesting access to the Beta image and provide the OSX computer name you will use. We will then be able to ensure all policies are applied to your beta image.

Please ensure you delete the computer record in Casper JSS after netbooting but before imaging so that you can use the self-service app to netboot but have a fresh computer record in the JSS.

Select the configuration called “[Single] 2015 MbiL OSX Beta”.

This binds to the AD OU “MBil-2015-Beta”.

This Yosemite configuration is only supported when you netboot using the “Netboot for Yosemite” image.  You will find this in self-service under service configuration and the Featured page.


Unfortunately there are problems we are still encountering with either Capser 9.72 or Yosemite or both.  We have therefore released a configuration without some core applications which are currently breaking the enrolment into the Casper JSS. We have several cases in with JAMF and Jigsaw to help resolve this as quickly as possible.

This configuration includes:

Yosemite core image 10.10.3

Core apps:

  • EFI Print Messenger
  • Google chrome 43-0-2357-81
  • Microsoft office 2011 (updated)
  • Numbers 3-5-3
  • Pages 5-5-3
  • Safari configuration
  • Silverlight 5-1
  • Symbola Font
  • Text Wrangler

The following are also included but haven’t changed since last year:

  • Hide Folders
  • LU TimeServer
  • Core Dock
  • Mouse Settings
  • Dashboard settings
  • Desktop settings
  • Language and input settings


The beta testing period will continue until the end of June and the final build will be released in July.

Can I get more information and help:

Contact the IT Service Desk via or on extension 222333.

Verismic Client Upgrade

The Verismic Power Manager client on Windows 7 Service lab PCs will be upgraded to version 4.0.50331.1 on the following schedule:

Monday 22nd June – All ITS managed labs

Monday 29th June – All W7 Service labs

The upgrade is silent and takes less than a minute. This version of the client is included in the 2015 Beta build and will be included in the final release of the 2015 build.

As ever, please report any issues to

Problem with Live and Beta Task Sequences – Resolved

The issues which resulted in the Live and Beta Task Sequences being unable to join computers to the Active Directory yesterday have now been resolved. Test builds this morning have been successful.
It is now safe to re-commence building systems on the Windows 7 Service

Please contact the IT Service Desk on

Release of Windows 7 Service 2015 Core Beta


Release of Windows 7 Service 2015 Beta Build

IT Services are pleased to announce the release of the Windows 7 Core Beta Build for the 2015/16 academic year. Please install this core beta build onto a test machine and use it to evaluate its suitability as a platform for learning and teaching next year. Documentation for this year’s beta release can be found on the Desktop Resource workspace:

Release Notes for this 2015 Beta Build:

\\\DesktopResource\Windows 7 Service 2015 Beta Documents\W7 Core Beta 2015-2016 Release Notes.docx

Deployment Procedure for Lab Managers v2.9.9 W7 2015 Image:

\\\DesktopResource\Windows 7 Service 2015 Beta Documents\Deployment Procedure for Lab Managers.docx

Installing Windows 7: OS Deployment using SCCM Task Sequence Media:

\\\DesktopResource\Windows 7 Service 2015 Beta Documents\Installing Windows 7 Service (Staff and Labs).docx

Windows 7 – Service Definition V1.7:

\\\DesktopResource\Windows 7 Service 2015 Beta Documents\Windows 7 – Service Definition.docx


The beta testing period will continue until the end of June when the final build will be released.

Can I get more information and help:

Contact the IT Service Desk via or on extension 222333.