Software Requests – Lab Allocation Stage!

Hi all,

We are now at the lab allocation stage of the software requests process. Please can you let us know via the software request web page which labs you require the software you previously requested. You can select both ITS labs or your own School Labs.

We are expecting data from the Timetabling Team early next week. Teaching requirements should be catered for once we have received this information, but it would do no harm to request software for rooms where you know it will be required for teaching and then we also need to know where else students need the software.

The procedure is quite straightforward:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the button labelled as “Request software location”
  3. Select the Operating System required
  4. Select the application from the drop down list
  5. A list of labs where the application has already been requested will appear
  6. Select “Request lab(s) for this app”
  7. A table of labs will appear
  8. Click on the tick box next to the labs where the software is required
  9. Click on Submit
  10. An acknowledgement dialog will appear

Please complete this task as soon as you can, especially if you require manual installations in ITS labs.

Thanks for your assistance.