Release of Windows 7 Labs Common Core Image

IT Services are pleased to announce the release of the Windows 7 Labs Common Core Image. The Labs Common Core Image has all the software included in the W7 Core Image plus the following applications listed below.

The larger image is aimed at removing the deployment problems that were faced last year with some of the larger applications such as Matlab.

The size of the image once it has deployed to the Lab PC is 125GB, it is recommended that you deploy this image to a 160GB Drive or larger as anything less may result in failures due to lack of disk space during the imaging process.

Labs Common Core  Applications:

QSR Nvivo 10 SP5
TextHelp Read and Write Gold 10
Maple 2015
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
Mathworks Matlab 2015A
NX 8.5.3
Rhino 5
StarCCM+ – NX 10.04.009
LiveWeb Powerpoint Plugin V4
Solidworks 2015 SP4

Adobe Creative Cloud:
-Dreamweaver 2015
-Flash Builder 2015
-Flash Pro 2015
-Illustrator 2015
-InCopy 2015
-InDesign 2015
-Photoshop 2015

ArcView Basic 10.3
-Productivity Suite
-Crime Analyst

Creo 3.0
-Creo Illustrate
-Creo Sketch

Keyshot 5
-Keyshot Creo Plugin
-Keyshot Rhino Plugin
-Keyshot Solidworks Plugin

Please be aware that this image has a number of minor issues that will be fixed by Group Policy or Script over the next few weeks. This work still needs to be done by the EUC Team. The seven issues are:

1 – SPPS and NX Firewall Exceptions Needed.
This will be resolved with Group Policy changes.

2 – The Inbuilt Creo Browser Generates a Script Error.
Under further investigation and will be fixed with a simple script.

3 – The Adobe Acrobat Icon Works but the Icon Has lost its Graphics. All the other Adobe Icons OK.
Will be fixed with a simple script.

4 – Nvivo requires the license to be manually activated. Once activated, its activated on that machine forever. Application has the right license code, but it just won’t activate without manual intervention.
Under further investigation and will be fixed with a simple script.

5 – NX Documentation Not Working.
Had exactly the same problem last year with Java 7 Update 55.
We need to get a fix from NX to work with Java 8 Update 45.

6 – We have some updated Creo Config Files that we need to push out.
Will be fixed with a simple script.

7 – We may need to update the NX Configuration.
Will be fixed with a simple script.

Can I get more information and help:

Contact the IT Service Desk via or on extension 222333.