Delete PCs WAM task available again

We have resolved the issues with the WAM task for deleting managed PCs from the AD and SCCM. The task is therefore once again available via the WAM interface at

The task has been modified to allow you to delete any managed PC from the AD or SCCM regardless of which OU/collection it is in. Please therefore be extra careful to only remove the records that you intend to.

Additionally, we have removed the ‘Advertise software’ WAM task. This task was rarely used and out of date, and the need for it is being reviewed as part of the SCCM 2012 project. If you would like an application to be advertised to a PC, and you don’t have permission to advertise the application yourself using the SCCM console, please continue to submit requests for this via the IT Service Desk.

Should you encounter any issues with WAM, please submit a case to the IT Service Desk using the links provided in WAM.