Importing Macs into SCCM for MBiL Service

Following the recent changes to how W7 Task Sequences are made available to computers, an extra step is required when importing Macs into SCCM for installation onto the dual/triple-boot MBiL Service.

 In order to see the “Mac Labs Base” and “Mac Labs Plus” Task Sequences, after importing a new/re-imported Macs into your lab collection you must now update the collection called *All MBiL Labs.

This step ONLY applies to Macs that have been newly added to an MBiL lab collection. It does not apply to Macs that are already running the service, and does not apply to PCs.

These instructions have been added to the Windows “Deployment Procedure for Lab Managers” document which can be found at \\\DesktopResource\Windows\W7\labs\Procedures.

 If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the IT Service Desk on x222333 or