Casper Suite unavailable Monday 18/04/16 for updates

The Casper Suite needs updating to v9.91 (the latest version). We plan to do this on Monday 18th April starting at 9AM, and anticipate it taking until approximately 1PM to carry out the required testing.

As the casper-dbase-pro server and JSS will be intermittently restarted during this process, all server elements of the Casper Suite should be considered unavailable between these times. This includes access to the JSS, Self Service, Casper Admin, Casper Remote and Netboot.

End users of the MBiL service will be unaffected, and the only impact on School of Science staff users will be the unavailability of Self Service.

To minimise downtime, we will also take this opportunity to install all outstanding security updates on the server.

If this date and time will cause a major inconvenience to you, please let us know ASAP.

Once the work is complete we will inform you of this and make the updated Casper Suite tools available on the DesktopResource workspace as usual.