Delete contents from SCCM-Dbase\apps

This is just a final reminder to please remove any contents from SCCM-Dbase\apps that is no longer required. If just a script is required and not the source files then please let me know and I will archive the scripts and delete the source.

WORK COMPLETE – Casper Suite availability on Tuesday 25th October

The updates to the Casper Suite and the host server have now been completed successfully. You may now use the system again.

It is worth noting that we encountered an issue during testing with AD binding when re-imaging. We believe this has been resolved by re-entering the jdomain password into the JSS for each OU we have a directory binding for. However, should you encounter any issues with AD binding please submit a case in the usual manner.

SCCM Unavailable 25/10/2016 AM

A virtual host change needs to be made on the morning of the 25/10/2016. The SCCM service will be unavailable all morning whilst the change is made and testing is complete. Once the change has been completed the SCCM service will be restored.

If further changes are required or the date\time changes, then we will send out further correspondence.

Can I get more information and help:

Contact the IT Service Desk via or on extension 222333.

Casper Suite unavailable on Tuesday 25th October

We need to update the Casper Suite to the latest version (v9.96) to add support for OS X Sierra and to remain in line with our Casper support model. We will also upgrade the casper-dbase-pro server to Sierra and install outstanding security updates.

 To allow time for this and the testing that will be required, Casper will be unavailable from 9AM on Tuesday 25th October. We hope to resume service by 4PM that day at the latest.

During this time you will not be able to netboot or image any Macs. Access to the JSS and Self Service will be sporadic so you are advised not to use them, and other Casper Suite utilities may no longer work. General usage of the Mac OS on Casper managed machines will not be affected.

Once the work is complete we will e-mail you and provide a link to download the latest Casper Suite utilities (i.e. Composer, Casper Remote etc.).

If there are any issues with doing this work on this date, please let us know ASAP.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 (MP5) Rollout


Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 (MP5) will be deployed across campus starting from Tuesday the 18th of October.

The deployment schedule is as follows:

Symantec 12.1.6 MP5 Deployment for Staff:

IT Services                              18/10/2016
Support School                        25/10/2016
External Depts                         27/10/2016
Schools1 Collection*                01/11/2016
All Staff Machines                    08/11/2016

Symantec 12.1.6 MP5 Deployment for Labs:

Haslegrave Short Stay              19/10/2016
U007 Lab                                  24/10/2016
All Haslegrave Labs                  26/10/2016
LDS003                                    31/10/2016
All ITS Labs                              02/11/2016
All Labs                                    09/11/2016

The installation can take up to three minutes to install and does require a reboot. All the live SCCM task sequences have already been updated to include the SEP 12.1.6 MP5 update.

For more info on this update goto:

New features and fixes in Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 (MP5)

The main benefits of upgrading to the 12.1.6 (MP5) platform include:

-Fixes a number of critical security vulnerabilities with the product.
-Adds basic compatibility support for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.
-Adds support for Ubuntu 16.04.
-Adds support for a SQL Server 2016 database.
-Adds support for VMWare ESX 6.0.
-Updates RSA SecurID authentication to support the latest RSA configurations.

Please contact the IT Service Desk via or call extension 222333 if you encounter any issues or have any queries concerning this update.

Task Sequence Updates – Friday 14th October 2016

On Friday 14th October 2016 between 8:30am and 10am all the Live Task Sequences on the Windows 7 Service will be updated to include Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 MP5. This version will be rolled out across computers already installed soon.

Please do not attempt to do any imaging or reimaging during this period.

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the IT Service Desk on x222333 or