Changes in Casper to accommodate staff Mac support

Over the coming days and weeks we will be making some changes and additions to elements of Casper ahead of incorporating staff Macs into the system. This will be in extension of the work the School of Science IT staff already do for their staff Macs.

 This won’t directly affect how the Mac labs work or are structured within Casper. You will however notice that the labs Sites now all have ‘Labs’ on the end of their names to distinguish them from their staff counterparts, and some policies may have their scopes and/or names altered to prevent unwanted cross-‘contamination’ of the staff and labs services. Each School will have its own staff site, which we will provide the appropriate IT staff access to as has been done with the labs.

 There may also be changes to the OU structure under the Desktops/Mac OU in the AD. If this affects labs we will change the AD binding policies etc. to reflect this.

 There will be further communication regarding the staff Mac ‘service’ closer to rolling out; this message is just an FYI for any changes you notice. If you think anything has been changed incorrectly, please submit a case to the Service Desk as usual.