Symantec Anti-Virus 14 MP1 Rollout to Staff

Symantec Anti-Virus 14 MP1 will be rolled out to the staff service over the next few weeks according to the deployment schedule below:

Wed 31st May           IT Services
Wed 7th June           Careers
Wed 14 June            Professional Services
Wed 21 June            All Staff Machines

For more detailed information on this new SEP version please refer to the following links:

Symantec™ Endpoint Protection 14 Release Notes

Lab machines will get this new version of SEP when they are re-imaged over the summer.

Upgrade Configuration Manager Current Branch from 1610 to 1702

Upgrade Configuration Manager Current Branch from 1610 to 1702

Configuration Manager will be upgraded to the new version on the 05/06/2017. This is in order to take advantage of the new features and hotfixes. This upgrade should not affect any of the normal Configuration Manager processes.
The only visible changes that you will see is that the Admin Console will ask to be upgraded and the client version will change.

AppV 5.1 Hotfix KB3115834

AppV 5.1 Hotfix KB3115834

When AppV 5.1 is installed on Windows 7 it can cause Internet Explorer 11 to close or not respond. This hotfix resolves the issue.

The update is silent and does not force a reboot but a reboot is required before the fix takes effect.


Deploy to All IT Services, U007, Careers and SMB108 – 07/06/2017
Deploy to All ITS Labs and Support – 12/06/17
Deploy to All Windows 7 Service – 16/06/17
Deploy only to PCs that require the update (Custom Collection) – 23/07/17

SCCM CB Task Sequence Maintenance

A small change will be made to the ‘PC Staff Base’ Task Sequence this Thursday (25th) at 9AM. The Task Sequence will be modified so that Symantec Anti-Virus 14 MP1 gets installed during the image build process. This change will replace the older AV Client Task Sequence Step which currently installs SEP 12.1.6 MP5.

Once this change has been made and tested another e-mail will be sent out advising that the ‘PC Staff Base’ is available for imaging again.

Timescale: 9AM on 25/05/2017